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About Penetradar

Penetradar Corporation was established in 1974 to design, develop and manufacture high resolution, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) systems for rapid, non-destructive bridge deck and pavement inspection. Since our introduction of this technology to the transportation community in the mid 1970ís, GPR has become an accepted and integral tool used by many highway agencies throughout the world.

Penetradar Corporation is a leading manufacturer of GPR systems and provider of GPR Technical Services for nondestructive bridge deck and pavement inspection. This unique combination enables us to provide quality GPR technology and application software support that is unparalleled in the industry.

In the United States, the US Federal Highway Administration and over 30 US State highway agencies are using our IRIS GPR technology for pavement and bridge investigations. Penetradar IRIS GPR equipment is also used internationally by transportation agencies in Canada, Italy, France, Netherlands, Poland, China, Indonesia and others. Penetradar Technical Services has conducted radar inspections of bridge decks and roadway pavement throughout several states in the United States and in Canada. Since the early 1980's we have utilized radar to inspect thousands of bridge decks comprising several million square feet of deck area and thousands of lane miles of highway pavement,
making us the leader in non-destructive, GPR testing of pavements and bridge decks.

Penetradar GPR equipment is the standard of the industry for bridge deck and pavement evaluation  applications. The U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) selected the Penetradar IRIS GPR system as the preferred equipment and technology for rapid, non-destructive detection of concrete delamination and deterioration and utilized the Penetradar IRIS GPR for their nationwide GPR showcase program, which involved the introduction and demonstration of ground penetrating radar to state highway agencies. Similar evaluations have been conducted by other organizations, including the LCPC of France and Texas A&M University.

Penetradar Corporation has also been actively engaged in R&D for both civil and military applications. Penetradar has been involved in research sponsored by the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) from 1987-1991, which evaluated the use of ground penetrating radar for detection of delamination and deterioration in asphalt covered bridge decks. The results of this work are documented in Volume III of SHRP final report for Project C-101, and served as the basis for the AASHTO specification TP-36 on GPR evaluation of bridge decks and ASTM D6087-03. Penetradar's IRIS GPR's have also been used for landmine and IED detection.

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