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The Penetradar Integrated Radar Inspection System (IRIS)  combines ground penetrating radar technology with data acquisition and data processing hardware and software into an integrated and automatic GPR system.

Penetradar IRIS family of GPR systems have the ability to "see" through solid materials such as asphalt, concrete and soil providing unique information on the condition and thickness of the material examined. Penetradar's wide range of non-contacting antennas are ideally suited for pavement, bridge deck, tunnel and runway inspection applications, such as the measurement of pavement layer thickness, detection of voids beneath rigid pavement and moisture accumulation within base layers. The IRIS is also used to detect corrosion related delamination and deterioration of bridge deck concrete. When used with our ground contacting antennas the IRIS GPR systems can be used to detect pipes and utility lines, underground storage tanks (UST's) and for many other geophysical inspection applications..

The IRIS family of products includes four IRIS versions, interchangeable non-contacting  and ground contacting antennas, comprehensive data acquisition, data processing and data display software, power subsystems, GPR accessories and complete turn-key vehicular GPR systems. To select a GPR system based upon your application, see the IRIS GPR Selection Guide.



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